What We Do

Crowdscribed is unique in the publishing marketplace in a few ways. By combining “Print on Demand” (P.O.D.) services, married with an automated global ordering, customer service, e-commerce, distribution and fulfillment system, we can provide everything a publisher or author needs, not only all the way through design, editorial and production, but from the point of sale until product delivery as well.

What we do

We also work with more than publishing houses directly; because of the unprecedented custom publishing, crowdfunding and platform building components being rolled out in our new site, authors can interact directly with, and therefore grow, their fanbase with us. Authors and publishers can get immediate feedback from potential customers about what they want and whether they are willing to support a title before the book is produced. Publishers can test out promising authors or titles from established writers who have a new or out-of-genre project. Meanwhile the fanbase for these authors grows, they have a system for engaging the public directly, which then leads to greater assurance of a title’s success once it is released.

Finally, because of the network of partners we employ, we are able to compress the production timeline for most titles. In most cases, once a book is ready for edit, it can be brought to market in only a few months. Titles can be more timely, with less initial investment and a growing base of fans to whom authors and/or their publisher can market directly.