Traditional vs P.O.D. Print Run

Most authors can't afford a big print run of several thousand books like a big publisher, and they lack the e-commerce, packaging and shipping infrastructure to process and fulfill orders. We provide everything an author needs to work like a big-time publisher in the marketplace, while also being smarter about their investment.

Say you write a typical 60,000-word paperback book and you sell 200 copies a month. Following is a cost scenario we ran for a publisher who sells an average of 18 book in an order. The graph here shows how long it would take a regular 3,000-book print run just to break even, as well as how many books you would have to sell in the traditional model (assuming you have the fulfillment infrastructure to handle the orders) to be more profitable than the Crowdscribed model.

This model also assumes your book is priced at about $15 and sells at 54% of retail (typical wholesale discount through a retailer like Amazon. While the up-front printing investment for traditional printing is over $7,000, the Crowdscribed model only prints books once they're ordered, so you don't have to invest in books you're not selling.

Comparison chart

Cost structures vary depending on each customer's book, pricing and sales source. This graph is for illustration purposes only and does not reflect any guarantee of sales or profitability by Crowdscribed for any client.