Book Prices

The primary fee structure for the services we provide is simple: twenty-five percent of net. 1 All receivables from sales will go through the Crowdscribed system initially, from which all printing, sales tax and shipping costs will be paid. From the remainder, 25% is deducted as our margin, and then the rest is distributed on a quarterly basis.

There are additional fees per title for setup in the distribution/fulfillment system, conversion to e-book formats and a nominal annual fee for keeping it in that system. If proofs are ordered to be printed and mailed for review before distribution, there is a separate charge per copy for that, as well as any advance “review” copies requested. There are standard fees as well for purchase of the ISBN codes, and registration of copyright.

If a client wishes for Crowdscribed to provide these services, along with formatting books in print-ready files, these services are on a fee-for services basis. The fee structure for these, along with all other available production services, are available here.

Cost of printing varies by volume. There is a per-order handling fee which is a flat charge, regardless of the number of books printed of that title. In the following table and graph, you can see that per-unit cost drops significantly as volume increases. The fee is per order, therefore if multiple titles are ordered by one person at once (therefore packaged together), the fee is the same. Shipping 1 and taxes aren't included as those are absorbed by the customer. This is based on economy printing option; express and rush service each are ten percent additional, respectively. If an author orders copies of their own book to ship directly to themselves, Crowdscribed adds a 25% markup to the printing cost, since there is no net revenue in these cases. For a more detailed explanation of printing costs, select “Printing Costs” under the “Services tab", or click here.

1 Shipping is UPS ground by default. 2nd day air and overnight are available for an additional charge. There also is a 30% shipping discount for orders 250-499 lbs, and 50% discount 500 lbs and higher.