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Crowdscribed Author Portal

What is it?

Crowdscribed has built a customizable Author Portal where you can work on your manuscript in your own private “room”. The site includes both book construction and digital marketing tools that can help you with writing, editing, promoting, and even funding of your project. All of this is done within the confines of your own personal space. If you’re a new or struggling author you can work on chapter development and concept testing with fellow authors or readers. It will also help you to develop a fanbase even before your book is finished.

— Allowing people to be engaged in the collaboration process creates buzz and excitement around your project.

What’s the Big Deal About the Crowd?

Building a crowd is an essential step in the process of any book, new authors have an even harder time. So starting early is the key. By allowing people to be engaged in the collaboration process this creates buzz and excitement around your project. They feel engaged, and included as the process moves along. An engaged crowd is a crowd that will purchase the final product when it is release, thus giving your book a better chance of success! We help you grow your fanbase, crowd-fund money to produce a professional-quality book, sharpen your writing and marketing skills and then distribute and sell your work to the world when it's ready. It all starts with the power of the crowd.


Crowd-funding Tool

  • Create book preorder campaigns
  • Raise funds for cover design, intensive editing or for everything
  • Offer rewards for supports
  • Promote via social media
  • Edit the campaign as you go according to your needs
  • Lower feeds than any other crowd-funding tool available
  • We can even fulfill many of the rewards

Book Development Tools

  • Typesetting/Page Design Services
  • Developmental Editing Services
  • Copy Editing Services
  • Cover Design Services
  • Book Printing Services
  • Chapter Writing Services
  • Print Ready Conversion
  • ISBN & PCN set up and acquisition
  • Print-On-Demand set up
  • ebook Conversion (All formats)
  • Global Distribution

Marketing Tools

  • Personalized Book Pages and Author Page
  • Crowd-funding tool
  • Social media and fanbase development tools
  • HTML email template
  • Digital marketing coaching


With Crowdscribed you can get the help you need when you need it. And you can always be in contact with a real publishing professional. From acquiring and ISBN to managing a full project the we can help you engage your “crowd” while making your manuscript all that you want it to be. We can help.

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