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What Is Crowdscribed?

Crowdscribed is a new platform created to rebuild the relationship between authors and readers by providing authors a legitimate platform to market and fund their books before they’re published and readers a method to discover new books and interact with authors.

We’re helping you find the books you want to read by enabling you to recommend and support titles, discuss them with the author and your friends, and vote on your favorites.

Sound amazing? We think so.

Our mission is to make a revolutionary change in the publishing industry, and it all starts with you. (So, yeah. You might want to go put some coffee on.)

Why Does Crowdscribed Exist?

You might have noticed the traditional publishing industry is experiencing a multifaceted crisis. While trying to survive the breakneck pace of a changing retail environment and armed with no proven method to predict a book’s success, publishers end up assuming bigger financial risks than ever before. Not to mention the fact that traditional publishers compete with the growing number of books released on self-publishing platforms that offer authors higher royalties.

If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is.

It’s no wonder there’s a new “The Publishing Industry is a Mess” article being written every week.

The truth is, this isn’t just a problem for the publishers. Since authors lack compelling ways to approach traditional publishers, many opt for those self-publishing platforms. And while self-publishing can be accomplished in a matter of hours, quality is often compromised, and many good authors are lost in the sea of titles now available.

This makes it time consuming for all of us as readers to discover and engage with a book or an author, especially now that a lack of physical bookstores changes the way we’ve historically discovered new books and authors.

Self-publishing a book is a big financial investment for most authors, and knowing how many other titles their book will be competing against, it’s a wonder so many authors continue to tout it as the future of publishing.

So What Is The Future Of Publishing?

We believe the power to solve this crisis is in the hands of the readers; specifically, in the relationship between authors and readers.

The connection between writer and reader has traditionally been sparse; Crowdscribed’s community is now the conduit for readers to join in dialogue with authors, creating an environment of discovery and transaction of ideas while simultaneously giving publishers a chance to preview a budding bestseller.

Have More Questions?

Of course you do. Read through our FAQs to learn more about Crowdscribed.

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